What is Student Coin and should I invest in it?

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Student Coin was developed in Q3 2017. Student Coin (STC) is currently available on major exchanges such as Uniswap, Bithumb Global, and Coin Tiger. So what is Student Coin? Should I invest in this cryptocurrency?

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency platform that allows users (both institutions and individuals) to design, create and manage their custom tokens and NFTs. Student Coin is mainly used to fund higher education. Users can create tokens and designs on the platform to fund their education.

Tuition fees are often a heavy burden on students, which is why Student Coin has been dubbed the leap forward to Defi.

The platform allows users to control their personalized tokens as easily as a social media platform. Specifically, students just need to create a decentralized token and then take out a loan to finance their studies at a top university. A part of the student's salary after graduation will be used to repay the loan.

Currently, the total supply of STC is 2,100,000,000. STC is currently trading at $0.02845. The top exchanges where users can buy STC after ICO are Uniswap, Bithumb, Coin Tiger, and Waves Exchange. As expected, the tokens will skyrocket in the coming months.

Student Coin Analysis

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Student Coin brings a lot of profit to companies, startups, universities, and individuals, as it helps raise unlimited crowdfunding.

Student Coin has a core platform that is STC Terminal and STC Exchange. STC Terminal allows the creation of personal tokens, startup tokens, or decentralized lending tokens. Once created, you can trade it, do crowdfunding and efficiently manage its utilities across the STC exchange.

In addition, this token is powered by STC Token, so everyone can stake STC and earn dividends from STC Exchange and STC Terminal fees.

Should I buy Student Coins?

Currently, Student Coin – STC is trading at $0.03642. In contrast, STC was trading at $0.1693 just two months ago, up about 115% in just two months. Student Coin's low price coupled with its use in real-life causes the price of STC to increase over time.

So we can see the potential in this project and the fact that as the popularity of blockchain technology increases, so will its use case and value. In fact, within the past 24 hours, the Student Coin price has increased by more than 21%.

Student Coin is a good choice for startups because of its convenience. In particular, solving student problems with blockchain technology is a great idea.

Student Coin currently has over 150,000 users in 36 countries, with over 500 universities covered. If the company's roadmap is followed, Student Coin is undoubtedly a much more widely used project.


Student Coin (STC) is a concept that can be noticed, mainly if it serves as a guide to the token generation process and makes it easy to open a social profile.

We can see many young people creating something genuinely unique, and as it gets adopted in more universities, it can skyrocket in value. Can Student Coin reach $1 a day? One can dream, and certainly strange outcomes play out in the crypto universe.

However, the logical case for STC to hit $1 is unlikely to justify such an early existence. We suggest existing Student Coin investors consider taking part of their profits off the table at $0.04 and then act on the remainder until the signs of the bull run ends.

What are some frequently asked questions about Student coins?

What makes the STC token unique?

STC developers focus on students.

They are the next generation of employees that will determine the potential performance of the business. Therefore, there is a real need to make academic programs less expensive.

But it is not easy. Lowering college fees will also reduce your budget for quality teachers, programs, or global partnerships.

Borrowing from a bank has been the only option until now. But because of our volatile economy, people have lost faith in banking services.

Instead, Student Coin has implemented a decentralized solution for student loans – crowdfunding with unique tokens.

How does student coin work?

Incoming student creates his own STC-based token. This token is then displayed on the market. STC holders can purchase tokens until the student has enough money to pay tuition.

A portion of his monthly income will be locked into loan payments upon graduation. And STC holders are paid cyclical profits if they join.

The project is accepted by the top 500 universities worldwide, including Harvard University and the University of Manchester.

Where can I find STC – Student coin?

Well, you shouldn't miss the Student Coin ICO, which is open until April 30.

While it started a month ago, the token has surpassed $2.7 million in token sales, reaching the 43/100 stage. Each stage has a limit of $100,000, and the price increases by 5% with each reload.

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