What is Coinlist exchange? How to register an account on Coinlist

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When talking about ICO, IEO, and IDO projects, you can't help but mention Coinlist exchange. Coinlist is considered one of the exchanges that support token sale activities very well and has been very successful with projects like Near, Solana, Flow, Mina, and Casper. So what is Coinlist Exchange? How to register an account on Coinlist? Find out with Kienthuccoin right here.

Sàn Coinlist là gì?

Overview Coinlist exchange

What is Coinlist exchange?

What is Coinlist exchange? Coinlist is both an exchange and a token listing platform for crypto projects to raise capital by selling tokens to investors and traders. The primary purpose of Coinlist exchange is to help investors get early access to potential new crypto projects.

This exchange is built to support investors and traders interested in the project in the early stages, thereby promoting the best crypto projects in the world through ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs (typical of which are Solana and Flow).

Coinlist exchange platform was born in 2017, founded and operated by CoinList Markets LLC. The company is headquartered in California, USA, currently licensed to operate in more than 20 states.

Sàn Coinlist là gì?

Coinlist Founders Team

  • Andy Bromberg, CEO and Co-Founder. Before CoinList was born, Andy was the CEO and co-founder of Sidewire. Before that, he also co-founded Stanford Bitcoin Group while studying Math and Computer Science there.
  • Graham Jenkins, COO & Co-Founder. Graham joined CoinList after many years at AngelList, where he was COO and product designer. Before AngelList, Graham led the UX teams at Google and BofA.
  • Paul Menchov, CTO & Co-Founder. Paul is also the Co-Founder of Republic, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, and was previously the Head of Fundraising Infrastructure at AngelList.
  • Joshua Slayton, co-founder. Joshua has founded four companies, most recently joining AngelList as founding CTO in 2010. He has been a fan and promoter of cryptocurrencies since discovering bitcoin five years ago.
  • Brian Tubergen, co-founder. Before CoinList, Brian was the product manager of AngelList. He led the team responsible for investing more than $850 million. Before that, Brian also worked at Facebook and was a top Computer Science student at Princeton.
  • Kendrick Nguyen, founding advisor. Kendrick is the CEO of Republic and formerly General Counsel of AngelList and Fellow of Stanford Law School.

Main products on the floor What is Coinlist?

  • Token Sale: This is a place that specializes in providing buying/selling services of new tokens from quality projects before they are listed on
  • Staking exchanges: Allows staking with APY from 5.4% for most types Cryptocurrency
  • Wallet: Provide a secure crypto-currency wallet
  • Trade: Buy, sell and trade top coins/tokens on the market today
  • Defi: Support converting Bitcoin to wBTC and participate in Defi
  • Mobile: Provide an app on Android and iOS platforms. Wherever you are or whatever you do, you can easily access Coinlist.


Why should you trade at Coinlist?

Coinlist is a trusted platform; listed projects need to comply with specific conditions. Up to now, there have been many successful IDO projects on Coinlist, bringing many times more profits to investors.

Coinlist was founded and run by experts with extensive experience in finance and cryptocurrencies. That will help the project team Coinlist review and verify the quality of the projects registered for issuance in the most accurate way.

In addition, Coinlist has also developed the Bank Secrecy Act & Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program (BSA/AML Program). This is to maintain the highest level of compliance with applicable anti-money laundering-related laws and regulations in the United States and the countries where Coinlist is active. Therefore, most of the projects opened for sale on Coinlist have transparent, reputable, precise, and high-quality information.

Tại sao nên giao dịch tại sàn Coinlist?

Instructions on how to register an account on Coinlist

How to create an account on Coinlist

Step 1: Go to https://coinlist.co/register/ to register a Coinlist account

Step 2: Please enter all required information, including:

  • First name & Last name: name
  • Your email address: The email address you use to register an account
  • Password: Account
  • password Repeat password: Re-enter password

Cách tạo tài khoản trên sàn Coinlist

After filling it out, click Create Account

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email from Coinlist. Go to this email and click Verify your email to confirm the account is successfully registered.

Cách tạo tài khoản trên sàn Coinlist

So, you have completed the registration of a Coinlist account.

How to verify KYC on a Coinlist account

Step 1: Select the section to manage your account at the Coinlist account management interface. Then select Entities -> Verify

Step 2: Fill in all the information in the required fields and then click Save & Continue. You will need to have an ID card or Passport for authentication.

Cách xác minh KYC) trên tài khoản Coinlist

How to secure two layers (2FA) for your account

Step 1: At the main interface of your account, select Your Account -> Security

Step 2: You need to install the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator


Step 3: Proceed to scan the QR Code so that the application provides you with a 2-layer security code – 2FA

Step 4: Enter the 2FA Code in the box as shown. Then click Enable to activate.

How to deposit to Coinlist wallet

Step 1: section Wallet at the main interface, then select the asset type you want to deposit and click Deposit

Cách gửi tiền vào ví Coinlist

Step 2: Confirm again by clicking I Understand.

Step 3: Copy the wallet address the exchange has provided to you and send the number of coins you want to top up.

How to buy a token sale on Coinlist exchange?

Step 1: to the Token Sale at the main interface to enter the list of tokens. Then click Learn more next to the project in the Active now that you want to participate in to buy tokens.

Cách mua token sale trên sàn Coinlist như thế nào?

Step 2: Check the selected project and token information, then click Register Now.


Step 3: Select the appropriate token purchase option and click Register Now below that option.


Step 4: Click Get started and enter the required information in turn


Step 5: the registration information for the token sale

option Depending on the plan, you may receive a request to fill out the following information: information such as home insurance bills, electricity, water, internet bills, tax bills, etc.).

Select Choose File to upload the above invoices, then click Submit to complete the registration process.

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies on Coinlist Pro

CoinList Pro is a fully-featured spot crypto exchange built on trusted infrastructure backed by some biggest names.

Cách mua tiền điện tử trên Coinlist Pro

Step 1: At the main interface, select Pro Trading

Step 2: Select the coin/token you want to buy and make sure other coins in your wallet convert.


Step 3: Proceed to buy like on other exchanges

If you want to own new tokens and have strong growth potential, Coinlist exchange will be a great choice. The above article has provided you with some relevant information about Coinlist Exchange? How to register an account on Coinlist exchange. Kienthuccoin hopes you will successfully create an account and choose the right investment project.

What are frequently asked questions about Coinlist exchange?

What are the fees on the Coinlist exchange?

Coinlist exchange will include the following basic

  • fee: Coinlist exchange will be accessible when you deposit money into your wallet.
  • Withdrawal fee: The withdrawal fee on Coinlist exchange is 2-3 times more than a regular coin/token transfer.
  • ICO Purchase Fee: There is no fee for users to purchase ICO.
  • Transaction fee: Coinlist exchange will charge a 0.5% fee for each transaction.

How to buy tokens on Coinlist effectively?

First, you should transfer USDC from Huobi; it will be cheaper. You should visit the website 2 hours before buying the token sale. While getting to the lounge early won't get you a better spot in the queue, it's safer to avoid overloading the website, so getting in early will help keep you safe.

Why is KYC verification required for an account?

KYC verification will help you to be able to perform more features, mainly depositing money into your wallet and buying coins on Coinlist Pro. In addition, this will also ensure that your account is genuine and complies with anti-money laundering laws.

Is Coinlist Pro safe?

With Coinlist Pro, investors can rest assured that they use a secure and reliable infrastructure. This platform of the Coinlist exchange has supported nearly 1 billion USD in transactions. The Pro plan is built on robust exchange systems with over 1.5 years of live trading.

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