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Casper coin là gì?

What is Casper Coin? Casper Coin was the coin with extremely strong growth when the ATH price increased 600 times than the Token sale price. In today's article, Kienthuccoin will provide you with all the details about Casper Coin (CSPR) so that you will be able to realize the potential of the project and decide whether to invest in it. Casper Coin or not.

What is Casper?

Casper is a Blockchain using the Proof of Stake (proof of stake) consensus mechanism applied Casper CBC (Correct-by-Construction) technology to help businesses and developers access blockchain technology to make it easier to improve your products and services.

Casper allows businesses to choose between a Public Network, a Permissioned Network, or a Private Network depending on their security preferences without compromising security or performance general capacity. This flexibility has helped Casper Network attract many businesses and Web3 applications to become partners and investors of the project, including Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Casper là gì? Casper website interface: casper.network

Highlights of Casper

Casper Network's most outstanding feature is helping businesses solve their business dilemmas – that is, an effective balance between decentralization, network security, and scalability – without sacrificing usability.

Casper provides popular programming languages ​​and various developer tools to help optimize applications, Casper Network developers have helped reduce barriers for businesses and developers. From there, allowing them to deploy their applications to users quickly.

In addition, the project eliminates the obstacles that other blockchain networks often face when scaling.

Some more Casper highlights:

  • Casper Proof of Stake CBC: Casper builds on top of the original Casper CBC specifications designed by Ethereum developers. With Finality and Flexibility features, Casper has security and block times that can be adjusted based on network conditions.
  • The ultimate in business: Businesses can choose to build private apps or need permission on the network.
  • Scalability: architecture Proof of Stake enables sharding, a database scaling solution.
  • More Features: contracts, gas fees predictable

CSPR details – What is Casper Coin?

Casper coin Key Metrics

  • Name: CSPR Coin.
  • Ticker: CSPR.
  • Blockchain: Casper.
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility.
  • Total Supply: 10,193,822,036 CSPR.
  • Circulating Supply: 1,404,586,738 CSPR.

Casper coin Token Allocation

CSPR will be allocated into eight parts as follows:

  • Non-profit Casper Association: 20.3%.
  • Validator Sale R1: 19.5%.
  • Developer Incentives: 16%.
  • Validators Sale R2: 10.2%.
  • Coinlist Public Offering: 10%.
  • Casper Labs Holding AG: 10%.
  • Team: 8%.
  • Advisors: 6%.

Thông tin chi tiết về CSPR - Casper coin là gì? Casper coin Allocation (CSPR)

Casper coin Token Sale

The Casper coin sale round is shown as follows:

Thông tin chi tiết về CSPR - Casper coin là gì?CSPR Token Sale

Casper coin Token Release Schedule

Thông tin chi tiết về CSPR - Casper coin là gì?Casper coin release and unlocking schedule (CSPR)

Casper coin Token Use Case

Original Casper Token That network is Casper Coin. The purpose of this Token is as follows:

  • Those holding Casper Coin can take it to stake to maintain a network and get rewarded.
  • Pay the costs of each transaction on the Casper Network.

How to earn and own Casper coin

There are two ways to own a Casper coin:

  • Become a Validator on the Casper network.
  • Buy CSPR on exchanges that support Casper.

E-wallet and Casper coin exchange

E-wallet to store Casper coin 

Casper issues CSPR on its blockchain.

Casper coin exchange

Users can trade CSPR on Huobi, Okex, etc.

Roadmap & Updates


  • Private Validator Round 2 Sale.
  • Release of the final version of the Highway paper.
  • Audited by Trail of Bits.


  • Mainnet launch.
  • Organize a Token Sale on Coinlist.

Project team, investors, partners

Project team

Casper coin's team are all talented people from the world's leading technology corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe,…


The project raised $40M in 3 rounds of funding, supported by the following investors:

nha dau tu casper 1625909676090

Casper Investors Casper


Casper has received a great response from the community with many enterprise partners as well as Web3.

doi tac casper 1625909745188


  • CSPR partners cooperate with BitGo, which can be considered as a hot wallet monitoring solution while storing cold wallets as well as supporting Staking.
  • Cooperating with liquidity provider GSR and Jump Trading.
  • Cooperate with staking service providers like Huobi Pool.

Above is all the information about Casper Coin that we want to send to our readers, hoping to help you make the right investment decisions. Good luck!

What are some frequently asked questions about Casper coin?

What is a CSPR token used for?

CSPR tokens are mainly used for: paying rewards to validators who maintain the network, paying fees for on-chain operations, etc.

Are there any trading pairs with CSPR tokens?

Currently, on the market, there are popular token pairs such as CSPR/ USDT, CSPR/ BTC, CSPR/ ETH, etc.

How to own CSPR tokens?

There are two main ways to get CSPR: become a validator of Casper or buy at the exchanges mentioned above.

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