What is Binomo? Instructions on how to play Binomo for newbies

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What is Binomo constantly reaching the top of Google search and occupying participants' attention in the virtual currency market? The culmination of Binomo becoming a bright name is thanks to the shocking share-form advertising of a young man who has earned $ 1,000 a day just from trading Binomo. So what is Binomo? Why are so many people interested? Find out with Kienthuccoin now!

What is Binomo?

What is Binomo?

Binomo is a trading platform and an investment in the form of financial investment in the form of “Binary Option,” which means that players will predict the direction in which the asset value will increase or decrease to earn money, profit within a certain betting period. Although there are many different ways to play, basically, players only guess the price of the market in a certain period of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 15 minutes, etc. If you make the right choice, you will receive money. Instant profit; otherwise, you will lose that bet.

The principle of operation of Binomo is similar to trading on the stock market or trading cryptocurrency (virtual currency, digital currency, or cryptocurrency). Playing Binomo, you need knowledge and trading skills from investors, calculating the “golden” time. As soon as the allotted time is over, if the price moves in the correct direction the player selected previously, they will receive an amount equivalent to 80% or 90% of the value they have placed, otherwise, they may lose all if you choose wrong.

Transactions on Binomo are divided by time zone, where customers can exchange and buy and sell currency pairs, stocks, and commodities for profit through the Binomo web service page. Customers can use currencies when trading through Binomo such as USD or EUR, GBP right when registering Binomo on the website.

What are binary options?

A binary option, also known as a double option – This is an all-or-nothing option. The full payment of the full value occurs if the underlying asset matches the specified conditions. Predetermined at maturity, otherwise, it matures without any value.

While binary options theoretically play a role in asset pricing, they carry the risk of fraud and are viewed by regulators in many jurisdictions as a form of gambling and are prohibited. . Many binary options trading companies have been exposed as scams. The US FBI is investigating binary scams around the world. According to statistics, binary options scammers have taken away US$10 billion per year globally.

Binary options trading is not yet regulated in any country. In Vietnam, this double options transaction also has no specific regulations.

Is Binomo a scam?

Many people ask this question, and it is understandable because when investing in any online money-making channel, the fear of fraud and scams is inevitable; in this case, Binomo is no exception. It's hard to say that Binomo is a scam, but one thing is for sure they are over-promoting.

If you are a professional trader, you know that it is very difficult to predict the price in a short period from 30 to 60 seconds. To make accurate predictions, players need to spend time researching and analyzing many factors.

I am a person who has been involved in the financial market for a long time, especially “cryptocurrency,” of which Bitcoin is typical, so I have learned all about economic and transaction-related issues. The other day, I accidentally saw an advertisement for Binomo: “24-year-old guy quits his job as a cashier and earns 600 million dongs a month, buys a Lamborghini, travels around the world” or something. I clicked on the article to read it and found that…it reeks of multi-level marketing investment advice – you don't need to do anything to become a millionaire still $, and near the end, you know that the other guy's success comes from making money with Binomo, below are a series of equally sensible comments.

Instructions for registering Binomo and how to play Binomo for newbies

How to register for a Binomo account

Step 1: First, you visit here https://binomo.com/vn/ to register for a new Binimo account. Select “Register” in yellow and fill in the information: Email + Password => check the box “I agree to the terms and conditions” => Click “Open a FREE account.”


What is Binomo?

Step 2: Binomo's system will send you an email to activate your account, go to your inbox in the Email and then click “Confirm” as shown below:

What is Binomo?


Step 3: Ok. Now that you have verified your account, Binomo will transfer you to an information page as shown below; you fill in: Full name + phone number and tick the two green boxes, then click “Open Demo account.”

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of two accounts. For those new to Binomo, it is best to decide to register for the demo version of Binomo to experience. If not, you can set up a real Binomo account (Read). If a message pops up saying you agree to accept the risk, tick “Agree” and then click “Continue.”

What is Binomo?


This is the main interface of Binomo, where you will conduct “binary options” transactions.

What is Binomo?


How to deposit money into Binomo account

After playing a demo account with Binomo and you feel profitable and want to deposit money into real play, here is a guide to help you deposit money into Binomo.

Step 1: Click the “DEPOSIT” button and choose one of the deposit options from the electronic payment system.

What is Binomo?

Note: Before depositing you need to switch from demo account to real account. Failure to do this step may cause errors in the transaction.

You need to prepare a Visa card (I recommend you use the Visa of Vietcombank or ACB) or can be loaded through Bao Kim e-wallet. Here I use my Visa.

Step 2: Select the amount you want to deposit into Binomo, then click “DEPEND”


What is Binomo?

Step 3: Fill in the information in the payment form, specify the amount of the financial transaction and your information in the payment system.

  • Card number: This is a sequence of 16 digits printed on the front of the Visa
  • card Cardholder's name: You enter the same as the name on your card Card
  • expiration time: This time is also recorded on the front of the card
  • CVC/CVC: These are three numbers imprinted on the back of the card.

Check if the information is correct? Ok, then click “Payment.”


What is Binomo?

You will transfer the amount you enter to the transaction deposit account, the successful transfer time also depends on your bank processing the transaction, usually, it takes me a few minutes to top up. Once you have made a deposit, you can start trading Binary options.

Instructions for creating transactions on Binomo (Binary options)

How to trade on Binomo is quite simple. To do this, follow me, in the trading area of ​​Binomo's website, you will see a new web trading platform.

Step 1: To create a Binary options trade, select the asset on the market you intend to trade.


What is Binomo?

Step 2: Choose the investment amount.



What is Binomo?

Step 3: Set the transaction end time.


What is Binomo?

Predict the next direction of the asset's movement and click the button corresponding to your prediction: “UP” or “DOWN”.

You have now created a binary options trade with Binomo, which is trackable on the information dashboard located above the exchange.

By trading through the system and properly managing your capital, you can effectively trade Binary options, your investment quickly increases giving you a significant profit. You can reinvest the profit in your next trade or withdraw it from Binomo's system.

How to withdraw money from Binomo

After investing in Binomo for a while and you feel profitable enough, now you want to withdraw money from Binomo to your account, how? It's also quite simple, see the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Click on your account name in the right corner of the screen and select “Withdraw” on the menu


Step 2: You enter in full enough payment information to be able to withdraw money from Binomo

  • Select the necessary electronic payment system
  • Fill out the electronic form, specify your payment information as well as the amount
    you want to withdraw
  • Click the “Submit” button Withdrawal request”

What is Binomo? 

Your withdrawal request will be automatically sent to the financial safety department for verification. This process takes no more than 24 hours. Once your withdrawal order has been approved, the amount will be immediately deposited into the account you recorded.


Binomo has simple transactions and does not require players to be too knowledgeable in technical analysis and financial knowledge. However, it also carries significant risk as players risk losing their total bet if they incorrectly predict price movements. However, if you have understood what Binomo is, you will realize that every transaction is done with luck, very high risk without a certain understanding. It can be seen that the transaction on Binomo is no different from the gambling game with the machine. Hopefully, from the open sharing of Kienthuccoin, you will have more basis to know whether to participate in trading on Binomo or not!

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