What is Airdrop Coin? Instructions to make money from the Airdrop Coin

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Airdrop is an indispensable program in the Marketing & Promotion campaign of the crypto project. If the project owner cleverly uses the Airdrop, the new project's Coin/token will quickly reach potential customers in the virtual currency world. So what is Airdrop coin? How to earn from the Airdrop Coin program? Let's find out with Kienthuccoin in the article below.

What do you need to know about What is Airdrop Coin?

What is Airdrop Coin?

What is Airdrop? Airdrop means “falling from the sky.” In Marketing, Airdrop is understood as a program to experience new products for free. Customers only need to follow a few organizers' requirements to try the service/product without paying any fee.

So what is Airdrop Coin? It can be roughly understood that Airdrop Coin is “money falling from the sky”; your task is to give your wallet, do the task and receive the reward. To own valuable Coins, users need to perform a few actions such as posting on social networks, sharing, liking, commenting, etc., to attract many other users to subscribe to the project.

Airdrop Coins are coins that are distributed for free. The value of these coins/tokens will increase when users can somehow spread and pull more people to participate in that project.

Airdrop là gì?

The first phase of projects will not attract a large community of participants like previous projects. At this point, the issuer team will find a way for their coin to reach those who need to use cryptocurrency. Because if no one participates, that kind of coin has no value.

Each airdrop coin campaign will be an opportunity for a specific cryptocurrency project to be widely distributed to a group of potential users. Although it is a free program, each Airdrop Coin/token campaign is organized wonderfully, on a large scale, especially in the promotion stage.

Classify Airdrop Coin

Airdrop coin from the exchange

New exchanges or exchanges that do not yet have their own crypto (cryptocurrency) will hold a free coin airdrop. Participants only need to register and hold these virtual coins; the system will automatically play for free.

Airdrop effect from fork improves coin.

When a coin/token is working well, a split occurs to improve that coin/token or influence from team conflict. That coin will split into another cryptocurrency with the essential characteristics of the old currency. Usually, the coin that comes later will have better technologies. At that time, coin will automatically issue Coins with an amount equivalent to the coin you are holding.

ICO Airdrop

ICO Airdrop coin is a familiar and popular form in the virtual currency market. The organizers give out free Coins/tokens for remunerating members who help them promote new projects through social networks.

Benefits of free Airdrop Coins

Build a stable user community

The general psychology of customers always loves free products. Taking advantage of this mentality, the Coin Airdrops are organized to attract many users to try and promote the new coin. If that coin is perfect, customers will be willing to choose that cryptocurrency for their next transaction.

Support the transfer process

In the case of a hard fork, Airdrop is implemented to distribute new Coins/tokens to users holding old Coins. For example, if Bitcoin Cash is split from Bitcoin, participants will receive additional BCH at a ratio of 1:1.

Bringing positive effects for Marketing

Any PR campaign of crypto-projects cannot be complete without the operation of Airdrop. Projects like Ontology, EventChain, Friendz, Dock, etc., have used Airdrop for Marketing activities to introduce new Coins; not long after that, they have earned huge profits, offsetting the initial amount of free tokens.

Increasing decentralization

Airdrop is not only a free Coin distribution but also helps to improve the security and decentralization of the entire network of the project exceptionally well.

Accounts that support making Airdrop

To receive free Tokens and Coins, Traders must participate in the cryptocurrency project they want, then set up important accounts to find information, share, post, … Coin coins such as e-wallets, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, and other social network accounts.

What e-wallet do I need to prepare to participate in the Airdrop?

During the Airdrop process, projects will ask you to fill in a wallet to receive Tokens. Depending on the type of Token of the project you choose, provide a compatible network wallet address.

ETH e-wallet is considered a safe ERC20 compatible personal storage wallet. Most Airdrop Tokens are ERC20, so preparing an e-wallet account is extremely necessary to earn Airdrop in Coins.

You can choose to use MyEtherWallet or MetaMask wallet to start the project. In addition, Ledger cold wallets are also an excellent way to store Coins.

Note: You need to make sure the wallet you use is active and valid for the Airdrop to make sure you don't use different wallets to receive Coins.


Social channels to find information AirdropFollowers


Is known as a reputable social network, Twitter has a lot of interaction and is sound and stable. Therefore, Twitter is very popular with the crypto community, and you should not ignore this platform.

Telegram Account

Following Twitter, Telegram has also been considered a popular chat application of the crypto world. When participating in the crypto community, you must set up a Telegram account if you do not want to miss new information related to Airdrop Coin, the opportunity to receive Coins / Tokens of the ICO project. It would help if you persisted in using it until you received the Coins in your wallet.

Email Account

To register for Airdrop Coin, you are required to have an Email to be able to create an account and participate in making money from Airdrop Coin quickly.


Linkedin account

This is a social networking space for members to update their profiles and share their experiences with the community. This social network is not required, but you should have an account to update information and learn from other Traders.

Instructions for making money from Airdrop in Free Coin

How to find information about the Airdrop strategy

Information about the Airdrop strategy is everywhere and is updated exceptionally quickly. Wherever the electronic market is seen as a topic of discussion, there is no doubt that the Airdrop will be present. However, not all sources of information are entirely accurate, possibly because of their own interests, the information has been slightly modified. Therefore, Traders should be careful, select statements so as not to waste search efforts and avoid damage.

Besides the required accounts to participate in the Airdrop, finding information and accessing “delicious” Airdrops is attractive to users. Currently, websites set up to provide Airdrop information are also ideal places for you to access many news sources quickly. You can refer to some websites: https://t.me/indexairdrop, Airdropalert, Airdropaddict, Airdrop Addict, ICOdrops, Coinairdrops,…


Types of Airdrop Coin 

As mentioned above, Airdrop In the world of virtual money, “money falling from the sky,” your task is to bring out your wallet and collect the money at the right time.

Each project will allow you to receive Tokens from different Airdrops. To own valuable Coins, users can participate in several activities: testnet, bounty, user referrals, social tasks such as posting on social networks, like, comment, share announcements of the company—project to attract more users to subscribe to the project.

When the project's spread is more substantial, the more people sign up, the higher the value of the coin you own will increase.

How to receive and withdraw Coin/Token from Airdrop in Coin

After participating in the Airdrop project, you must wait about 1-2 months to receive your Token. The time to obtain a Coin/Token will take place at several times as follows:

  • The main sale ends before the sale
  • After the Token is on the exchange
  • It is advisable to open the Token sale in parts to help limit the sell-off and devaluation.

The time usually depends on each project and how the Token is issued. Therefore, you should regularly check your Email to update whether your Token has been received or not?

Withdrawal Process for Coins/Tokens from Airdrop

To withdraw Coins, you need to visit https://etherscan.io/ and enter your ETH address in the search field.

If your wallet already has Tokens, the screen will display the View Token section, you need to click the button View Token and check. After checking the information, you need to withdraw the Token to your ETH wallet.

In case the Token wallet is not displayed, it means that the system has not sent the Token and you have not received any Token.

If you already have a Token, you can access your e-wallet via MetaMask, Ledger Nano => Select the Token you want to withdraw.


Above are Kienthuccoin's shares about “What is Airdrop coin? Instructions for making money from the Airdrop Coin program.” It can be said that the Airdrop coin is an indispensable part of the chain of initial issuance programs of cryptocurrency projects. cryptocurrency always contains risks that you cannot anticipate. Therefore, you should learn and consider carefully before investing in any virtual currency project!

What is Airdrop Coin FAQ?

Is Airdrop Coin Valuable?

Most of the coin airdrop programs come with advertising for the community, investors to know and own Coins / Tokens early before they go on the exchange. The Coins/tokens you receive from the Airdrop program have the same value as the Coins sold. Therefore, Airdrop coins are primarily valuable, except in some fraud cases.

Do you always get free Coins from Airdrop?

Not completely. Because many projects have successful ICOs, some projects fail or have to wait a long time to have a price. Therefore, it is not always possible to get free Coins.

What is Airdrop? Should I join Airdrop Coin?

Participating in Airdrop coin, you have to spend a lot of time monitoring, updating market information, performing project tasks, etc. If they are professional traders, they often do not choose to participate. These projects if they are not attractive. However, if you are participating in the virtual currency market for the first time, you should join to experience and learn more experience.

What should be noted when participating in the Airdrop Coin program?

  • You should not share your Private Key information with anyone.
  • Do not share passwords for Airdrops.
  • Avoid sending ETH, BTC for any Coin Airdrop.
  • Do not receive private messages from strangers on Telegram with the project manager's name.
  • It is recommended to create a separate Email and new wallet for receiving Airdrop.
  • Source of information guaranteed to have been adequately moderated.
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